Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Alert – Enter At Your Own Risk

asphaltpavementmaintenanceAs important as it is to stay on top of asphalt pavement maintenance, entrances seem to need more attention. This is not surprising if you think about it. There are parts of your parking lot that some cars won’t use. This is especially true the further back you are from the business. However everyone uses the entrance and in some cases, even those who are not doing business with the company.

If your place of business is in a business park or in an area where folks can access another business by going through your lot, then extra traffic is coming through. It would be ideal if the entire parking area kind of went bad at the same time but that doesn’t always happen.

Always be vigilant of the entrance to your lot. Check to see if there are cracks larger than other areas or if gatoring is starting to take place. These are signs that you need to take action now before more expensive matters are needed.

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