Asphalt Prices

asphaltpricesAsphalt prices can run high so at Crocker Asphalt Services, we understand that you have multiple aspects of your business that you have to spend money maintaining and asphalt is just one part of it.  That’s why we try to guide you through ways to invest a little now to save a bunch later.  Depending on the traffic you receive on a daily basis, you should sealcoat every three to five years to maintain your parking lot.  You can’t stop cracks from appearing but you can maintain in a way that prolongs the process.

There are three areas of concern for asphalt: sun, moisture and extreme cold.  We apply 2 coats of coaltar sealer that when applied, seals your lot and protects it from those three elements.  When you don’t sealcoat, the lot dries out and cracks form.  Eventually cracks will get bigger and then low areas of your lot will be compromised.  When that happens, potholes will form.  If you continue to put off sealcoating, you will have to replace the asphalt.

A new parking lot will last 15 years if you do nothing to maintain it.  But understand that asphalt prices are tied to oil prices and we all know that oil is not cheap.  Therefore a routine schedule of maintenance will keep your parking lot strong for 25 to 30 years.  Of course all parking lots are different.  Usually structures on higher ground will last longer than those that are in low areas because low area lots hold water.  I have also seen examples of bad grading when the business was first built causing the asphalt deteriorate.  But for the most part, if you maintain regularly, your asphalt should last a long time.

As the above flyer states: asphalt prices are tied to oil prices.  Oil prices are lower than ever.  Oil prices will not remain this low.  When oil prices rise 10%, asphalt prices will rise 8%.  The time for asphalt repair is now.