Asphalt Repair – A Simple Tip That Will Add Years To Your Parking Lot


Your parking lot can cost you a bundle in the long run if you’re not careful to take action in the short run. When adding a brand new parking lot to their business, most folks figure that they don’t have to think about it again for years.  Not so!  But here is one tip that can add life to your lot for years. Consistently clean your lot with a blower. For less than $200, you can invest in a gas powered blower that will help to keep your parking lot clean.

Parking lot maintenance begins with pro-active tips to help maintain your lot.Why would keeping your lot clean help add life to your asphalt? Well, sand and debris will gather on your lot and in time, vehicles will drag that debris like sandpaper across your lot creating cracks and exposing the existing cracks to bigger cracks. Having one of your employees take a few minutes each week blowing off the parking lot will increase the life of your parking lot.

Remember, repairing asphalt can be expensive. Replacing asphalt will be very expensive.
Don’t go there if you don’t have to. Start being pro-active while your lot is new and you will spend more of your valuable time with more pressing issues like how to fill that parking lot up…with customers! SAVE YOUR LOT NOW, ASK ME HOW!