Asphalt Repair in Charlotte – Can You See The Difference?

asphaltrepairincharlotteThis is a great image to show why a routine schedule of sealcoat is a critical step in asphalt repair.  Notice that the lot in the background is smooth and dark.  You may just see this as a great looking surface but I picture the rain coming down.  When the water hits the surface, where is it going to go?  It can’t sink into the surface because the fresh sealcoat keeps it from penetrating the surface and damaging the asphalt.  It has no choice but to run off the side or wait until the sun dries the lot.

But check out the lot in the foreground.  Can you spot all of the clues that this surface needs to be repaired?

  •  The surface is faded which means the sealcoat protection is gone
  •  The lines are faded
  •  You can see the small rocks coming up through the asphalt proving that without  the protection of sealcoat, the asphalt is withering away

Otherwise the lot is in good shape for now.  As you can see, there are no visible cracks because this is a relatively new lot.  This is why they want to act now to keep it that way.  Asphalt is made with crude oil and we all know how expensive that is.  Maintaining is the way to go and we can get you there with 2 coats of quality sealcoat and fresh lines.  Call me!