Asphalt Sealcoating – Beat the Winter Rush for Sealcoat


Did you know that this is the best time of the year to protect your parking lot from damage caused by the elements of nature through asphalt sealcoating? Hello, my name is Peter and I’m the ASPHALT GUY! Asphalt is made to contract and expand to adjust to the change in the weather. This makes asphalt the most durable material you can use but also means you have to maintain it to avoid the heavy expense of replacement down the road.If you have cracks in your parking lot, the cold Winter weather will open them up and then the Spring rain pours into the cracks. Once the cracks reach the base of your asphalt, the area becomes weak allowing vehicles to break up the asphalt and causing potholes.Replacing or paving asphalt can cost 20 times or more than sealcoat because asphalt is made with petroleum but also because of the machines and man power it takes to replace it. Don’t go there. Let me give you a price today to protect your investment throughout the Winter.