Blacktop Repair – Is Rain Best Test For Your Asphalt?

blacktoprepairWhat did you say?  When is rain ever good for my asphalt parking lot and how will you know when you are in need of blacktop repair?  Well in most cases it isn’t but we will make an exception here. Sure rain water will test your asphalt for weaknesses hovering until a crack appears, filling the cracks with moisture until the cracks get bigger, and then finding its way to the base of your asphalt where the real damage is done.

However if your parking lot is next to another lot that has been treated with sealcoat recently, it’s a great way to gauge just how badly your lot is need of repair. Look at both lots after a rain. The lot with fresh sealcoat takes longer to dry than a lot in need of sealcoat.

The asphalt with no protection allows the water to disappear into the cracks where a freshly sealed parking lot holds the water at the surface. We all know this. After hard waxing your car, you will notice how the water beads up on your car and just sits there. That’s called protection. That’s what we want to do for you.