Parking Lot Sealcoating – How To Turn Vehicles Into Sandpaper On Your Parking Lot

parkinglotsealcoatingDid you know that one of the best things you can do for your parking lot is to keep it clean? If you have a small lot, parking lot sealcoating is important.  In addition, having someone blow it off with a hand held blower, once per week, will add years to the life of your asphalt.

Why you ask? Well parking lots tend to attract sand, dirt, and other debris to the surface. When cars drive on this surface, they act like sandpaper dragging the debris around the lot. When this happens, the sealcoat wears off faster and makes cracks bigger.

By keeping your parking surface clean, you will ensure that the sealcoat and striping job we do will last a long time. My name is Peter and I’m the ASPHALT GUY! I enjoy answering questions concerning asphalt so give me a call today!