Asphalt Sealcoating – Getting Ready For All Things Outdoors


We have another month of the Winter season to go but it doesn’t mean we don’t start thinking about Spring.  Before we know it, the air warms, flowers bloom, and we will be planning our weekend trips to the mountains and beeches.  But Spring is not just for planning outdoor fun.  It is also a time to take our “to do” list outside as well.

Now that we have used the cold months to paint and repair anything inside, it’s now time to think about “curb appeal”…especially if you own a business.  I may be a bit bias here, but I think it starts with your parking lot which means taking care of your asphalt.  Hopefully you took some measures in the Fall before Winter arrived but if not, the cold weather can be rough on your parking lot.  Snow and ice melts slowly which causes damage.  Water gets into small cracks and freezes causing the cracks to expand.

Remember it’s your investment, we just want to help.

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