What…A Maintenance Schedule For My Parking Lot

Some folks think, “there is always tomorrow” when it comes to their parking lot.  But now that winter is moving out and Spring is well…springing, it’s time to take inventory.  As you walk your parking lot, you may conclude that winter has aged your asphalt more than you expected.  You may think, “where did those cracks come from?”  “How did that section become gatored so quickly?” or “how did that gatored section turn into an all out pothole so fast?”


The fact is a cold season can have an adverse effect on asphalt.  The longer water stays on your parking lot, the faster it deteriorates.  Snow and Ice cause moisture to stay on the surface longer.  Rain takes longer to dry because the asphalt is not warm as it is in summer.


When walking your parking lot, here are 5 questions to ask:

  • Does the parking lot look dried out or faded? This could mean your sealcoat is wearing off.
  • Are cracks getting bigger? Is there standing water in the cracks?
  • Do you notice water standing in certain areas (maybe a low spot)?
  • Do you notice water coming up through the asphalt? You may have an issue with the subgrade.
  • Do you see gatored areas where there are many cracks in one specific spot? Usually this means the asphalt has been compromised and the area will soon become a pothole.


When you invite me out for your free estimate, I will walk the lot to find the best solution for you going forward.  I will always give you the best plan that saves you the most money in the long run.   Remember with asphalt, a little prevention can save you a lot later!

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