Is Your Charlotte, NC Parking Lot Damaged Beyond Repair?

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If you’re spending too much money on frequent seal coating work, you might want to replace your old asphalt parking lot or driveway. Crocker Asphalt Services will visit your property to determine whether asphalt repair or replacement work would be better for your Charlotte home or business. If your property has been around for 20-30 years, we’ll grade the area to create a smooth surface for your new lot. We’ll discuss your needs to find out which method fits your budget.

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Asphalt Replacement

Invest in premium-quality work from a local asphalt company

Asphalt replacement is the most underrated improvement you can make to your business.  New asphalt and fresh lines create the curb appeal that turns heads as they drive by.  Sealcoating, crackfill, and pothole repair are all necessary to maintain your parking lot but there will come a time when you look at the asphalt and say, “something more has to be done.”

So you realize you need a new parking lot but what is the best method for you?  We specialize in all 4 of the basic methods so let’s highlight each one:

·       ASPHALT OVERLAY – If you have a small lot with just a few parking spaces and no major heavy traffic, this may work for you.  However be careful because even though it’s the most budget friendly, this method doesn’t address the aging asphalt below so you can have the same problems with the new asphalt in just a few years.  We seldom recommend this.                                                                                                                                                                           

·       REPLACE & REPAVE – You may have a parking lot that is in such bad shape, you can reach down and pick up chunks of asphalt.  If this is the case for more than 25% of your lot, replacing the asphalt is your only option.  This is the most expensive of all methods because of the manpower of pulling your lot up and hauling it to a recycling center.  Then we regrade the entire lot and apply the asphalt.  Most folks will choose between the next 2 options.

·       MILL & PAVE: Most parking lots are 1.5 – 4” depth depending on the kind of business it serves.  With this method, we mill the top half of asphalt from the lot, leaving the bottom half closest to the subgrade.  Then we replace with the same amount of fresh asphalt as what we removed.  This method is more budget friendly than replacing your entire lot but costs more than a simply overlay.

·       CHIPSEAL & PAVE: With this method, we work with the asphalt you already have.  We apply a layer of asphalt tar to the lot and then mix in a half inch of stone chips and roll the tar and chips into the cracks until it forms a hard, concrete like surface.  Then we apply 1.5” of fresh, hot mix asphalt for a smooth, long term finish.  Chipseal is the best value of all methods.

Give us a call and we will be happy to look over your lot and let you know which procedure works best for you.