Choose From 3 Asphalt Replacement Options

Learn more about your asphalt replacement options in Charlotte, NC

Is your asphalt parking lot crumbling or cracking? When it’s time for an asphalt replacement, you have three options:

  1. Asphalt overlay: We only recommend this for small lots with very little traffic. This is typically not recommended because, if you don’t take care of the cracks in the old asphalt, it can wreck the new asphalt in just one or two years.
  2. Standard asphalt replacement: This can be expensive because we have to remove the asphalt and take it to the landfill. Depending on the size of the lot, this could take a full day or two. It also requires grading the soil, which is a time-consuming and expensive process.
  3. Asphalt chip seal: This is your best option because it saves you money and extends the life of your parking lot.

While a standard asphalt replacement may cost $100,000 dollars, the chip seal asphalt replacement technique may only cost $70,000 to $75,000. Call Crocker Asphalt Service today to schedule your chip seal asphalt replacement in Charlotte, NC.

How does the chip seal process work?

Are you interested in a chip seal asphalt replacement? You can expect us to thoroughly clean your parking lot and fill all potholes up to four inches deep. Then we’ll put down:

  • CSR2-P oil or asphalt tar that covers the lot and drips into the cracks.
  • A half-inch of stone chips onto the tar and then roll the chips into the cracks.
  • 1.5 inches of asphalt over that.

Instead of just the two inches that you get with a new parking lot, a chip seal will give you at least four inches. Call Crocker Asphalt Services of Charlotte, NC to learn more about this alternative to replacing old asphalt.

Chipseal In Charlotte