Pothole Repair is an Important Part of Parking Lot Maintenance.

You may think that putting off maintenance of your parking lot will save you money but think of what it can cost you going forward:

  • Poor curb appeal sends the wrong message to potential customers
  • Potholes only get worse over time if left alone
  • Potholes cost business owners a lot of money in liability law suites
  • Potholes are caused over time by a combination of weather factors like water freezing and thawing, UV Rays, heat, and time. Potholes can occur more often in lower portions of the parking lot where water stands for a longer period of time. 
  • Pothole repair is essential for several reasons. Delaying repairs will only cause the pothole to get bigger, causing frustration to your customers and damage to their vehicles. 
  • Parking lot owners are also liable for injury that occur due to potholes and other repairs that have been put off for an unreasonable amount of time. So many lawsuits have been filed over the past few years that there are law firms that specialize in "pothole law." Some lawyers actually post a warning on their website that business owners are liable for accidents caused by potholes. 
  • Potholes cost business owners a lot of money in liability law suites. This is why it’s extremely important for property owners to exhibit vigilance with their property. Keeping their customers and patrons safe should be one of the leading priorities of every business owner.

I can assure you that parking lot maintenance is much more cost efficient than a lawsuit.

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