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Asphalt Mill & Pave


Asphalt Mill & Pave

While Asphalt Mill & Pave services are similar to chipseal services, Mill & Pave involves more time and manpower because the asphalt surface must be removed before a new application can be applied. Mill & Pave services are necessary for asphalt structures and parking lots beyond repair and cannot serve as a base for new layers. With the Mill and Pave process, asphalt contractors will remove old layers to create a stable base for new asphalt applications. At Crocker Asphalt Services, we help our customers determine which service is needed based on the condition of their asphalt. Learn more about our Mill & Pave process below!

asphalt parking lot after asphalt mill and pave services


So how do mill and pave services work? Milling and paving begins with “milling” or grinding away existing asphalt pavement, hence the given name. The first part of the Mill & Pave method includes the “milling” phase (rotomilling), which involves removing the surface layer of asphalt to clear a solid base for new asphalt pavement. Typically, 2-3 inches of asphalt is removed and hauled to a offsite location. Next, we prime the area and install a new asphalt layer integrated with tack to create a smooth, even surface. The final step involves securing your new asphalt areas with sealcoating to ensure protection from elements and other wearing factors.



As we mentioned earlier, our Mill & Pave process is more involved for driveways, roads, and parking lots that are highly damaged. In most cases, the base is so worn that asphalt providers must remove all layers to a specific depth to start fresh. Mill and pave is usually recommended for excessively worn or damaged asphalt and large areas like commercial parking lots, which some other services are not suitable for. If you suspect your asphalt needs a little TLC, don’t hesitate! Call the asphalt experts today at  (704) 661-6134!



Get the breakdown of the step-by-step process we uphold when applying the asphalt mill and pave at Crocker Asphalt Services below!

  • Clean asphalt by removing debris and vegetation from surface
  • Add a layer of asphalt tar to the surface which flows through all the cracks
  • Apply a half inch of stone chips to the tar and roll into the surface for a barrier between old and new asphalt
  • Add 1.5″ of fresh, 9.5c hotmix asphalt to the Tar & Chips and roll to a smooth, long-term finish
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For all your asphalt service needs in the North Carolina area, contact Crocker Asphalt Services today!