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Pothole Repair Services

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Those Unsightly Potholes!

Did you know that some law firms specialize in liability claims against companies where customers have injured themselves due to a poorly maintained parking lot? Potholes are among them and are one of the most hazardous conditions in parking lots and roads. Not only do potholes create an eye sore, but they can also wreak havoc on vehicles and pedestrians traveling over them. If you’re in need of pothole repair, we can help!

That’s why Crocker Asphalt Services specializes in pothole repair services to ensure all asphalt structures remain safe and visually appealing for customers! Learn more about our process and the causes of potholes below.

Parking lot featuring pothole repair


So you may be wondering, how do potholes develop? If you’ve ever seen a large pothole, it can be a frightful sight that could seemingly only be developed by force; however, that is not the case with most potholes. In fact, the development of these structures happens slowly over time. Most potholes arise in parking lots due to a lack of maintenance. When failing to sealcoat your asphalt surfaces on a routine basis, asphalt begins to dry out and form cracks.

“Gatoring” is referred to as excessive cracks and if not repaired in time, will lead to potholes. Don’t put yourself or your customers at risk; you don’t want a lawsuit that can take away from your bottom line. Maintaining your parking lot and protecting your customers is a number one priority and we’re here to help at Crocker Asphalt Services!



Pothole repairs are a common service we provide at Crocker Asphalt Services. As expert asphalt providers, we’ve seen it all when it comes to these hazardous structures. Repairing a pothole is similar to the process we utilize to install new asphalt or asphalt overlays, but it is concentrated on the area of the pothole. See our process below:

  • We saw and cut the damaged area and haul the materials to a recycling center
  • We add 4″ of fresh, 9.5C hot mix asphalt to the pothole
  • We set and roll it to level it with the asphalt around it
  • Finally, we sealcoat the area and we’re done!
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For all your asphalt service needs in the North Carolina area, contact Crocker Asphalt Services today!