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Asphalt Chipseal


Asphalt Chipseal Process

There are several ways to replace your parking lot and asphalt chipseal is anther effective and cost friendly method. So, how does the Chipseal process work?

Chipseal replacement is a pavement process that combines one or more layers of asphalt with fine aggregate. Asphalt chipsealing is created with the same ingredients as asphalt paving. However, the difference is this method introduces the key aggregate that forms the “chips.” These chips are heavily compacted within asphalt surfaces to provide an even, smooth finish. Once applied with asphalt tar, the chipseal process protects your asphalt surface by creating a strong, solid barrier between the old and new surface, so that your asphalt remains intact. Remember, “CHIPSEAL is the real deal!”​​​​


image of a driveway with chipseal application
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Chip sealing is a great way to revitalize your asphalt without the hefty costs of paving a new lot. In fact, the chip seal process can save you 20-30% or more because instead of removing the asphalt, we work with what is already there.

3 steps of chipseal process showing different asphalt layers
  • Chip seals provide ODOT
  • Chip seals cost about one fourth to one fifth the cost of a conventional asphalt overlay.
  • With extending the time between asphalt overlays, chip seals result in lower costs.
  • Place chip seal sooner than an asphalt overlay, the traveling public benefits from roads maintained in better condition.
  • Chip Seals eliminate the need to crack seal as well as enhances safety with a good skid resistance.
  • They help prevent deterioration.
  • These seals have also proven to be an effective moisture barrier for e underlying pavement. This helps protect against water intrusion.
  • ODOT has successfully used chip seals for over 25 years in maintaining state routes.
  • They are only used on roads that have less than 2500 vehicles per day.
  • Chip seals virtually eliminate black ice.
  • Chip seals re-seal cracks by flowing back together in hot weather.
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