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#1 Reason Why You Should Repair Or Replace Your Asphalt This Year

Did you know that asphalt is made from crude oil?  Well because of this, asphalt prices will rise and fall with oil prices.  And as you also know, there is much more rise than fall to oil prices over a period of time.  History has shown that for every 10% rise in oil prices, there is an 8% rise in asphalt.

Since the Pandemic, prices have risen and continued to rise after the war in Ukraine.  Now with the upheaval in the Middle East, we can expect them to continue to climb.  @Asphaltprices have remained steady the past year but are soon to inch back up.

This is why we all need to plan our asphalt repairs now.  Lock in your lower prices by having me come by and give you an estimate for any asphalt repairs or replacement you may need.  Remember, it’s your investment…I just want to help!

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